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Shopping in London is brilliant but also bewildering.  I can act as your own personal stylist in London, using my experience to show you where to shop to suit your own personal style. Using a personal stylist can save you time and money, making the whole business of updating your wardrobe fun instead of a chore.

London Personal Stylist Andrea Talha shares tipsAndrea Talha is one of the original and best personal shoppers, working with a wide variety of clients both in London and further afield. She has written for and been interviewed by various style magazines and blogs, sharing her unique tips and tricks for getting the best out of London's shops.

Style Liberation specialises in a unique shopping experience, teaching you how to shop to suit your personality, style and budget. The aim is to help you to dress the way you want.


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What does a personal stylist do?

There's a big difference between a stylist or personal shopper in a big department store, and your own unique personal stylist. The first group will do their best to find you great clothes in their shop, so inevitably they will adapt your personal style to fit whatever they have. At style liberation we take a different approach. We learn from you the things you like/dislike, and then work out a plan to find the best clothes at the best price for you.

To get an idea of what I can do for you, you can read a day in the life of a personal shopper