Personal Styling/Shopping & Wardrobe Session for Him

Personal Styling/Shopping & Wardrobe Session for Him

Buying the first thing you see and making a quick exit is an all-too-familiar shopping scenario.

You’re not the only man: my research shows a high percentage of men find shopping tedious, difficult, overwhelming even, resulting in the same ill-fitting styles cluttering up valuable wardrobe space.

Through a personalised style consultation, I’ll assist in transforming your look to leave you confident and energised. Your shopping trips will become satisfying and successful simply by recognising the shapes, colours and styles that suit you.

Daunted by the prospect? Don’t be. I can bring the outfits straight to your home and we could even start with a wardrobe session to free your shelves of anything that doesn’t belong there. Your wardrobe and you will feel refreshed and decluttered and ready for some new looks that’s will be a confidence boost in the way you look.

Whether for business, smart casual or a big event, Style Liberation can help you to sharpen your look and articulate your individuality through well-considered, appropriate and stylish garments.

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