The season we all love dressing up for is just around the sequin corner

TS10G06KNUD_3col_M_1 The season we all love dressing up for is just around the sequin corner and most of us will enjoy turning our outfits up a notch or two for some sort of party or occasion over the festive period.  When searching, the shops for your perfect assemble the shops may start to feel over whelming and it becomes a mission rather than a pleasure to shop. Don’t be put off and enjoy the thought of finding that perfect look that makes you feel special, wow and confident for those fun gatherings ahead. 


I always advise that preparation is key so you don’t get into a horrible panic feeling that you’ve nothing cascading to wear and dread the thought of going to an event. Shopping in November rather than December is a must – by December the streets are packed and the shops feel rather cluttered with sparkle over kill,very exhausting, especial without an assistant doing the running around for you.  Shop early in the morning when the stores open as you’ll often have them to yourselves for a few hours rather than queuing for a changing room and having a depressed assistant sigh at you because you have so many garments to try on. It’s amazing what can be achieved in the first few hours when shopping with my clients at 9.30 am.


Avoid shopping for your outfit on line, remember that feeling when you think you’ve ordered something spectacular and you open that lovely tissue package to find something very different from the photo you fell in love with in the glossy online shopping page. I find that 99% of clients are disappointed when the clothing arrives unless they know the brand incredibly well and have had success with it previously – things don’t look or feel like they do on those online shopping pages! Foot work around shops is still the most effective and productive way to crack your outfit – with energy snacks to the ready!


Everyone can look stunning; the secret is to find the perfect party attire that suits the occasion and makes you look & feel your best. As we all know this takes time and a last-minute grab an outfit will simply not create the same results, so please prepare yourself early! If you look around a room full of people at a party those that have put thought and time into their outfits stand out so much from the crowd. Just throwing cash at a very expensive designer outfit does not always do the job either. I’ve seen many expensive fashion designer disasters at party’s in my years as a stylist, and we all see the celebrity designer mistakes on our magazine pages most days – it’s time and effort that gets you looking great – there unfortunately aint no quick fix on looking amazing!


Other things to think of when choosing your party outfit.

1. Remember hopefully at some point at a party you’ll be letting your hair down to dance so make sure you can move in the outfit you choose. If it’s a dress make sure it does not ride up to show what you don’t want to show at an important social event. Always move around in your dress to see what it does in the changing room and sit down to see what it does then. I’ve made this mistake in my younger days of splitting a dress when dancing!

2. There’s nothing less sexy that a girl who cannot walk in her shoes well, so if you’re not great in a very high heel – don’t wear them!  Choose a shoe that you can walk in please. Watching girls clump around in super high heels is not a good look! These shoes are for girls that can confidently walk elegantly in them, or for what I call “taxi” evenings, where you just walk from a cab to a bar stool and then back again. 

3. Always feel YOU in your outfit and embrace your own style. If you’re not comfortable in a dress is shows, there are so many glamorous options out there for you to choose from. My most regular piece of advice is that if you feel confident in what you are wearing, then you believe in it and will look great – if you feel wrong in an outfit it doesn’t work from the offset so why bother, just shop for something that is completely you and you’ll enjoy every minute of the party!



4. Shop alone for your party outfit – 9 times out of ten you can end up with something that your beloved others are attracted to when shopping with family or friends, and for good reason as we are naturally tuned into our own style so it will probably suit them better. If left alone you’ll be more inclined to go for your correct styles, colours and scale that suit you – others can just add confusion – so alone for focused shopping is certainly best – promise.

Anyway, please don’t ever stress about looking your best, free advice is always on hand.


Andi X