A day in the life of a personal shopper

Have you ever wondered what a personal shopper does? What’s involved when you hire a personal stylist? Andrea Talha explains a typical day in the life of a personal shopper.

Personal Shopper for MenMy personal shopping styling day starts off with meeting my client for a coffee and having a chat about our aim for the session ahead. After a quick review, we will head then to the shops together.

I’ll decide what shops will work specifically for that client beforehand as I like to prepare and do research on where the stock is the strongest for them. That way the session will flow and I will have outfits planned beforehand to show them.

Some days I’ll shop with two clients together so I need to be very prepared for two very different styles, colorings and body shapes.

I’ll decide where we should start our shopping, this will depend on the budget allocated and the client’s life style needs. When we hit the shops I like my client to follow me around the shop floor at first so that they can see and learn what I’m doing. Like this they get a feel of how I’m able to choose the clothing that I want them to try on.

Shopping is an art these days as it can feel very overwhelming so I like to make sure my clients pick up tips on how to make shopping easier for themselves.

personal shopping for womenI’ll always start with creating the outfits first then move on to the footwear and accessories. After gathering up lots of different items of clothes from different labels we head for the changing rooms so that I’m able to create outfits that suit my clients shape, coloring and individual style from the pieces that have been selected.

I will usually have to run out and change a size or gather other pieces to complete the outfits, there’s always some tweaking to create a great wardrobe base. When I have created that strong core wearable wardrobe for my client to purchase, I will then decide where is needed to go next to fill in any gaps we may have.

By the end of the client’s session I’ll make sure my client has strong wearable wardrobe that they will love and feel confident in, they won’t have to think about shopping for a long time!

Andrea Talha is one of the original and best personal shoppers in London. Get in touch to find out how she can help you save money and time creating a style that suits you.